If a guest wishes to be refunded, or you wish to charge a guest an additional, ad hoc charge, there will be a different process dependant on which booking channel the reservation was made.

Once the charge is confirmed, don't forget to add it to your property statement.


All refunds and additional charges are dealt with on the platform via the resolution centre.

You will need to log into your Airbnb account to deal with additional charges and refunds.


Once agreed with a guest, you will refund or charge the guest card / VC from your Stripe account.

For payments by booking.com, you may need to phone booking.com customer services to ensure the guest gets refunded. More information can be found here.

Direct Booking Website

Once agreed with a guest all refunds and additional charges are processed via your connected payment processor (e.g. Stripe).

Siteminder connected channels

Refunds for any bookings need to be initiated on the channel directly.

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