To create and connect a new account, please follow the below process:

  1. Email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Legal Representative Name:

  • Telephone Number:

  • Email Address:

  • Company Name:

  • Legal Entity ID:

  • Company Address:

  • Total number of properties in your portfolio:

  • Total number of properties you plan to list with

  • Countries are your properties located in:

  • Pricing uplift* (in %) you would like on your pricing (if any):

  • Any booking policy rules different to your current connected accounts (advanced booking date, cancellation policy etc)

2. Lavanda will introduce you to a contact at to create your account and create a Legal Entity ID** associated with your account

3. will reach out to you via email with a new contract

4. You will need to e-sign this contract

5. Once the contract is signed, will provide the LEID to Lavanda

6. Once the contract is signed, please push the listings you would like to go to using the Integrations tab in the Lavanda PMS

7. Lavanda will push your listings to

8. will build the listings and set them live.

🕗 Timeline

The process of setting your listings live usually takes 2-5 working days from clicking ‘Publish Listing’ in the PMS (but this may vary based on’s backlog of properties to be set live)

🔍Things to note

  • You will need to navigate to your Extranet to change the channel contact to your phone number

  • You will need to navigate to your Extranet to enable Payments by if this is required

  • The Lavanda team may contact you via ticket in the PMS if action is required from you during the connection process.

*Uplift is a percentage amount to inflate your nightly rate, in order to prevent loss of revenue caused by higher channel percentage fees.

**LEID is a unique number we need to connect to your account via API

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