*This feature is currently Beta and is only available upon request - if you wish to gain Beta access please contact your account manager.*

Multi-unit groups (MUGs) enable the deployment of hotel-style inventory to Airbnb. It should be used for identical units/properties where one OTA listing.

To create a multi-unit group, follow the below:

  1. On the Properties tab, select at least one property to add to the multi-unit group

  2. From the Actions dropdown in the top right, select Create Multi Unit Group

  3. Name it and choose a source property for the Multi Unit Group content

  4. Your Multi Unit can now be viewable from the Multi Unit Groups tab

As bookings are accepted on the multi-unit group, they will then be randomly allocated to the units below.

Note: Once a property is in a multi-unit group, the multi-unit group can be pushed to the channel through the Integrations tab. If you wish to edit the information on the OTA listing you must edit the multi-unit group. The property level information will now be for internal use and will not reflect on the channels (unless you push a property individually using the integrations tab).

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