Unit types can be used to list groups of identical inventory on booking channels as a single listing. This is the recommended approach for creating listings where there are large numbers of units which share the majority of characteristics, imagery and amenities.

To create a Unit type, follow the below:

  1. On the Units tab, select at least one unit to add to the multi-unit group

  2. Select the More actions button to the right of the card, select Create Unit type

  3. Name it and choose a source property for the Unit type content

  4. Your Unit type can now be viewable from the Unit type tab

As bookings are accepted on the Unit type, they will then be randomly allocated to the units below.

Note: Once a property is in a unit type, the unit type can be pushed to the channel through the Integrations tab. If you wish to edit the information on the channel listing you must edit the Unit type. The property level information will now be for internal use and will not reflect on the channels (unless you push a property individually using the integrations tab).

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