Lavanda PMS has a direct integration to Keycafe - a smart lockbox and key management solution.

Please note: You will need a Premium Keycafe account to connect with Lavanda

Before setting up your integration you will need to retrieve an API key from the Keycafe app:

  • Navigate to More > Advanced -> API Settings -> Generate Key

Steps to setup Keycafe in Lavanda PMS:

  1. In the Lavanda PMS navigate to Settings > Integrations > KeyCafe

  2. Enter your Keycafe account email address and paste the API key

  3. Your Keycafe account will now be connected to the Lavanda PMS

Steps to link keys to your inventory:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Units > Edit > Unit Details > Access Details

  2. Select "Assign key from KeyCafe" under Lockbox

  3. Select which keys to link to the unit

  4. Repeat for each of your unit that use KeyCafe

  5. For each booking that gets made, you must manually assign a key to the respective booking

Steps for sending keycodes and lockbox location to your guest:

  1. Navigate to Operations > Automations

  2. Configure an automated message with the "Booking Lockbox Code" and "Booking Lockbox Address" tokens

  3. Keycodes and lockbox address will be automatically sent

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