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How can I get in touch with Support?
How can I get in touch with Support?

How to send an inquiry to us (includes general queries, booking move requests, bugs)

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Our Intercom chat messenger is always available to send us inquiries and facilitate the easier reporting of technical escalations via tickets

  1. Log in to the PMS.

  2. Click on the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of the page to open Intercom.

  3. Click on Send us a message.

  4. Our bot will ask some preliminary questions and please answer them whether it's a general query, bug, or feature request. Kindly include screenshots, links, and screen recordings if possible.

  5. Our bot will also help with the query if it can be answered by any of our existing help articles, else it will route it to our Support queue.

  6. If it gets routed to our Support queue, it will be assigned a ticket ID and a member of our support team will pick it up from there.

More information on needing further technical assistance here.

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